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Here at Looca, we make skincare cute, clean, and fun. With products made with handpicked ingredients formulated to suit various skin types. Looca is the perfect companion for your everyday skincare routine. Launched in August 2020, Looca was founded with the philosophy that good skincare need not be expensive. Our products are sold for less than their many counterparts, but are made with gentle ingredients, all alcohol and paraben-free. We also believe that good skincare should stem from a holistic standpoint, so we made sure that our products are all cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.
In just a few months, we built a solid network of Glow Bosses — our selling partners who help us spread our skincare philosophy. Slowly but surely, we’re on our way to creating a solid footing in different parts of the world, enabling skincare and business to go hand-in-hand, without sacrificing fun and enjoyment.


Born and raised in Bulacan, our Chief Inspiration Officer Ricca Del Rosario is an all-around business woman who is also the brain behind clothing brand HTP Clothing. She launched HTP in 2014 as a reselling platform for her used clothes, but it has now evolved into its own fashion brand, producing locally-made and budget-friendly pieces for the everyday Filipino.

Ricca has just started her family in 2014 when HTP Clothing was born. One night, when she was on her way home from a tiring day at work, she was devastated to discover that she had lost her Php 3,000 from her wallet, with no hope of getting it back. In an impulse, she decided to make up for what she lost. She grabbed her dusty suitcase full of her favorite clothes and sold them online for half their prices. From then on, HTP has begun soaring in the e-commerce industry. What started as a one-woman business has now expanded to a team of 100, with over 150,000 followers on Instagram and Facebook combined. What sets HTP apart from other brands is the story that Ricca shares with every piece of clothing.

In the six (6) years that she has spearheaded HTP, she has become an icon for local business, and has spoken in various entrepreneur and business conferences and events. She is also a Globe MyBusiness ambassador, and continues to inspire other Filipinos to venture into business. She is familiar with the ups and downs of online selling, and continues to adapt to the changing demands of the market, while also influencing everyday Filipinos to believe in themselves and continue to work hard on their business ventures.

Now, Looca was birthed with the aim of Ricca to help more people be financially empowered. Ricca started working on the idea of launching her own skincare brand in 2018, working on the perfect formulas for effortless and budget-friendly skincare. With Looca, she has worked to develop and perfect a low maintenance skincare routine with multitasking formulas that are good for various skin types. Also, her vision of making everyone glow in their own way is starting to pave its way to reality through her second brand. Ricca’s journey has set a clear road for the Glow Bosses and now, Loocarets are ready!

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Showtime Café

How to Jumpstart your Online Business with Ms. Ana Ramsey

Ricca shared her unique story of how she started HTP Clothing from her lost money. Over and over, our CIO sparked the interest of people who are not equipped with enough capital and inspired them not to lose the enthusiasm in starting a business due to lack of resources. It will always be the story we’d love to hear from Ricca! 

PEP Feature
HTP Clothing was one of the brands who went the extra mile just to help frontliners of all kinds of work during the pandemic. Of course, while helping people outside of her own business, our CIO also made sure that her employees are well and safe during the pandemic. Ricca was featured in PEP for being a CEO who offered an affordable car plan to one of her loyal employees. We understand how difficult for an employee to report to work during the pandemic due to restrictions in transportation. Ricca just loves sharing her blessings! No wonder she is well loved by her employees whom she calls her “angels.” It has become yet another inspiring story for all small business owners!

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Mentor me Online

Puhunan Pang-negosyo by Go Negosyo

Ricca, alongside with other social media influencers and entrepreneurs, narrated her business experiences for both her brands HTP Clothing and Looca. With all the aspiring business people who watched the Facebok Live, she continues to inspire everyone with her sadness to success story. For every speaking engagement she participates in, Ricca always passes on a burning desire to succeed to her audience. Leaving them in momentum to work hard and push their potentials to its maximum limits.

Boost Your Business

Digital Tools & Tips for Small Businesses

Going back to the beginning of HTP Clothing, Ricca’s limited resources did not stop her from making a start and eventually flying high in the e-commerce industry. Cobena showcased the transformation of HTP Clothing and how the available digital resources have helped in the adapting, thriving, and growing season of this brand. Ricca shared tips and techniques on what honed HTP into a big player on Instagram in terms of retailing clothes. HTP grew from being a business into a community of people.